Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle is a Miracle Thinker

Overnight, Susan Boyle, a Scottish charity worker, gained international celebrity status when she stunned the audience and judges on “Britain’s Got Talent,” (the TV show upon which “American Idol” is based). Within 48 hours, Boyle has been a guest on Larry King, CNN, the McNeil-Lehrer Report, Oprah’s Chatroom, and many other media channels, while Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are tweating and twittering about her.

Before she sang, the crowd and judges rolled their eyes, laughing at her responses and judging her by her lackluster appearance. Nonplussed, Boyle stated: “I am going to rock the audience.” The audience snickered back. Then Boyle started to sing and she didn’t just rock the audience. As my housemate said, “She rocked the world.”

Susan Boyle has become to singing what J. K. Rowling is to Harry Potter – a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. How many times have you watched the YouTube video? I’ve seen it about 12 times so far. As of yesterday morning, that video had been viewed over 19 million times. I’m sure that number is much larger by now.

In “The Power of Miracle Thinking,” I discuss the attitudes, beliefs and actions of “Miracle Thinkers.” Susan Boyle is a Miracle Thinker: she lives and plays by her own rules; she is impervious to the judgments, beliefs and mocking attitudes of others; she does not wish to change her appearance to make others happy; and she just does what she loves, which is to share her magnificent talent and express her love of singing.

My housemate, Laila says: “Susan’s singing reflected to me my humanness and vulnerability in expressing myself in the world. It’s risky. It is easier to hang back and be safe. She inspires me to go for it.”

I, too, am inspired. Isn’t it amazing how one person’s life can change in an instant? Isn’t it inspiring how every possible door can open and one’s life can change when they simply follow their dream, do what it is they love to do, and refuse to listen to naysayers?

If the doors could open for Susan Boyle, don’t you think they could open for you, too?

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