Thursday, June 5, 2008

Set Up Your Day!

What feeling or quality would you like to experience today? You can set up your day by telling the Universe exactly what you would like to experience in this day. Choose one simple statement and use that as the "set up" for your day. Examples:

"Today, I set up my day with peace."
"Today, I feel filled with joy."
"A wonderful magical surprise awaits me today.

Notice, I use the word, "today," in each example. That is because I want the Universe to know that this is something I am choosing for this day today. Remember to include the word, "today," whenever you want to set up your day.

Set up your day in the present tense. In each example, I also spoke in the present tense, as if the experience or quality of feeling I want to have is happening right this second.

Now let it go and start your day!. After I state my daily "set up," I forget about it and move on with the flow of my day. In the evening, you can reflect on your day and see how your "set up" unfolded.

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Andrea |Empowered Soul said...

Hi Randy,

I thought I'd visit you here! :-)

This is a great post - a perfect little practice for setting an intention for the day.

I think the part about letting it go is especially important.