Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Power of Miracle Thinking launches

This week, I await the arrival of my new book, The Power of Miracle Thinking, which examines the beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that people who have experienced miracles hold, as well as the actions they take that allow miracles of a major magnitude to unfold in their lives.

My book is endorsed by 3 authors you might recognize: Caroline Myss, Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker, and Marci Shimoff, who is also featured in The Secret.

Here is a little bit about the book:

· Steven Walters was given 24 hours to live – 10 years later, he still shows no sign of leukemia

· Katherine Revoir was a single mom on welfare – 1 year later she was a millionaire

· A firestorm swept through Ronnie Chittum’s property – her home remained untouched

· Speaker Kathleen Ronald is flooded with speaking requests – they come from “out of the blue”

I wrote The Power of Miracle Thinking so that I could learn about the kind of “Miracle Thinking Mindset” one must actively maintain in order to create miracles like Steven, Katherine, Ronnie and Kathleen did.

I am also very interested in your experiences. How have you created miracles in your life?

I believe that everyone can be part of the “Miracle Thinking” conversation because we are all in different places in our lives, hold different belief systems, maintain different spiritual or religious affiliations, or have different ideas about how miracles actually happen.

How can we inspire each other? I invite you to contribute your sincere ideas, in addition to reading the ones I’ve discovered through my interviews with many people who have experienced miracles for themselves.

To read an excerpt or purchase a copy, you can drop by my website at

Thank you for gracing my pages with your presence.


Randy Peyser


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Your book must be very beneficial and I am going to get it for keeps.

I believe in miracles, because I am the living testimony of the miracle of the love of God.

Cheers aand God bless.

Natalie said...

Hi Randy,
I want to apologize that I did not get your comment until now. My fault. I am learning the ropes of blogging still and am a little behind on returning responses. I will get better at this! Goodness! I wanted you to know that I appreciate your words of encouragement very much! I love your story and what unfolded from it. Others must have followed your lead, because when my son was in the hospital a lady brought him a bear! I thought that was so neat we kept it as a keepsake. It really helped him!

I believe there is beauty in ashes and good can come from painful situations. It makes us more sensitive to the needs of others and allows us a platform to inspire others! It also gives our pain meaning instead of being in vain.

God bless you!--- Natalie